Our October Banner: IMAGINE

The poignant lyrics of John Lennon’s Imagine, serve as a de facto atheist anthem to many of us. John’s October birthday gives us ample reason to remind the public of not only his life and music, but of the message in his music, that the world would get along fine without religion. So, for our October display on the Loudoun County (VA) Court House lawn, we remember John Lennon and his tribute to freethought.


  1. imakecutebabees says:

    I love this article. So very true. I was raised a strict Catholic. Attended Catholic school, both of my parents were in church politics (my father was president) and he also ran the Boy Scouts, and my Mom; in-home bible groups and so on. Being open-minded has made me appreciate much more than those who participate in religious affairs. I love everyone and do not pass judgment unlike my religious peers. I try to open my family’s eyes but they can’t budge off of what they think their bible says. I educate myself on world wide religions and politics, yet they criticize me for being uneducated. Kudos.

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